The purpose of the OLG’s licensing process is to ensure that those seeking to do business in the District’s sports wagering industry meet the statutory requirements.

Licensing falls into four categories: Operator, Management Services Provider, Supplier and Occupational.

Applicants in each licensed category will be asked to submit substantial information and documentation that will assist the OLG in determining their overall suitability. Each Applicant and its qualifiers will undergo thorough background investigations to ensure they meet high standards for good character, honesty, integrity and financial suitability.

The due diligence investigations of license applicants cover their regulatory history in other jurisdictions, financial stability, compliance plan and history, and recent litigation, among other areas. The investigations for qualifiers – those individuals who are officers, board members or key investors of the Applicant – cover their employment history, criminal record, education, stock holdings and financial suitability, among other areas.

The OLG is using the International Association of Gaming Regulators’ (IAGR) Multi-Jurisdictional Business Form as the basis for information collected from an Applicant, along with addendums requesting information specific to an Applicant’s proposed sports wagering operations in the District.


The information requested in the application is required in the OLG’s evaluation process. An Applicant for any category of licensure will have ninety (90) days to complete their application. The OLG reserves the right, at any time, to request additional information it may consider necessary to conduct its evaluation.

Accurate completion and timely submission of the application and supporting documents are essential for the OLG’s evaluation of the application.

Any misrepresentation, failure to reveal information, failure to provide requested information or grant any authorization requested by the OLG may be taken as an indication of a lack of suitability for the Applicant to be granted a license or other authorization/approval.

The OLG is preparing to formally launch the licensing process for Sports Wagering Operator, Management Services Provider, Supplier and Occupational Licenses. Once the licensing process opens, a link to the OLG’s online licensing portal will be made available on this site.



OLG may issue Provisional Sports Wagering Licenses to qualified Applicants that are currently fully licensed in other Office-approved gaming jurisdictions to apply for a temporary/provisional license in the same category or equivalent category of license while completing the necessary steps for a standard operational license in the District.

The “Office-approved gaming jurisdictions” that will be taken under consideration in the OLG’s provisional sports wagering licensing process include Delaware, Mississippi (including Tribal), Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and British Columbia.

A Provisional Sports Wagering License shall be valid for a period of up to six (6) months. The Executive Director may extend the Provisional Sports Wagering License period upon a showing of good cause. While operating under a Provisional Sports Wagering License, the Licensee shall adhere to all applicable requirements. The Applicant must complete the OLG’s full sports wagering licensing applications and meet all requirements prior to being issued a standard sports wagering license. The initial standard license term of the Applicant shall be reduced by the number of days the Applicant held a Provisional Sports Wagering License.

The Provisional Sports Wagering License process will be a manual application process at launch outside of the OLG’s online licensing portal. Once the licensing process opens, a downloadable copy of the Provisional Sports Wagering Licensing Application will be made available on this site.