The Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) is committed to the encouragement of responsible gaming and practices and vows to make it an integral part of our daily operations. We are committed to the responsible management and sale of all lottery products and gaming services while increasing the awareness of problem gambling and available treatment resources. In 2018, OLG developed a responsible gaming framework which informed gambling regulation in the District and provided an overall orientation to responsible gaming practice and policy adopted.

The Responsible Gaming Framework is based on the commitment by the OLG and its gaming licensees to the guiding value of ethical and responsible behavior. These responsibilities include the promotion of Responsible Gaming and the prevention of gambling by underage individuals, impaired individuals and individuals on the exclusion or self-exclusion lists. Every Office of Lottery and Gaming employee, retailer, operator and contractor will be trained on the regulations, policies and procedures. This commitment addresses the promise to our community to continue our support for research initiatives and public awareness surrounding responsible gaming, problem gambling, and underage gambling.

Responsible Gaming is the provision of a safe, socially Responsible Gaming and supportive gaming environment where the potential for harm associated with gaming is minimized and people can make informed decisions about their participation in gaming.

Problem gambling is characterized by difficulties in limiting the money and time spent on gambling which leads to adverse consequences for the gamblers, others, or for the community. Problem Gambling, is gambling behavior which causes disruptions in any major area of life (i.e. psychological, physical, financial, legal, social or vocational) as defined by the National Council on Problem Gambling. The term “Problem Gambling” includes the condition known as “Pathological” or “Compulsive” Gambling and a less severe condition, “At Risk” Gambling.

Office of Lottery and Gaming: Responsible Gaming Framework

The Responsible Gaming Framework is not designed to function as a regulation, but to guide the office’s decisions as it promulgates regulation and develops programs and practices to support responsible gaming.


Goal: To create a sustainable, measurable, socially responsible, and accountable approach to gaming.

Regulatory Objectives

  • Minimize harm from gambling to individuals, families, and communities while serving the good of the District of Columbia
  • Promote best and promising responsible gaming practices in all aspects of licensee activities
  • Utilize principles of responsible gambling in introducing all new and emerging technologies

Education Objectives

  • Provide accurate and balanced information to enable informed choices to be made about gaming activities
  • Provide patrons adversely affected by gambling with timely access and appropriate information on problem gambling

Research Objectives

  • Inform best practices in responsible gaming strategies and methods, problem gambling treatment and prevention, and responsible gaming messaging
  • Create and translate knowledge to support evidence-informed decision making about gambling policy and regulation